About Us

Welcome to the world of top carpentry and luxury furniture. We are proud leaders in the production of wooden and aluminum carpentry, as well as unique wooden furniture, setting standards of quality and elegance for over two decades.


Our vision

At the core of our company lies a passion for creating interiors that reflect exceptionality, comfort and impeccable aesthetics. “Sentra” represents a combination of tradition and a modern approach, creating products that satisfy the most demanding tastes and standards.

Decades of experience

SWith more than twenty years of professional experience, SENTRA is synonymous with quality, precision and careful selection of materials. Our craftsmen and designers expert team approaches every project with love, from creating unique doors and windows to exclusive furniture that exudes warmth and luxury.

Global presence

We proudly highlight our global presence, providing our products in several countries worldwide. We operate actively in Serbia, Sweden, France, Slovenia and Austria, where we have gained the trust of many clients. Our carpentry and furniture adorn the homes of distinguished individuals who recognize the value of superior craftsmanship.

Dedicated to luxury

We are a brand dedicated to those who value true luxury and perfection in every detail. Our products are not only functional, but also artistic that transform the space into a piece of contemporary style.

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If you want to improve your home or business space with luxury carpentry and wooden furniture, we are the right choice.

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Over +500 satisfied clients worldwide.