Bathroom furniture

Our bathroom program SHOWER CABIN and BATH, as well as bathroom furniture, are made entirely of wood. The manufacturing method involves treating the wood with a process that ensures durability and water resistance.
Kupatilski elementi od drveta
Bathroom furniture
Bathroom furniture
Bathroom furniture

The photos show our projects.

When making a bathtub or shower cabin, the wood undergoes a special treatment. After that, the wooden elements are glued with SPECIAL GLUE (glue for ships). Then the glued element is processed.

We coat them with “SPECIAL” oil that fully protects the wood and ensures durability. It is smooth to the touch like glass. It is resistant to high and low temperatures, as well as to various chemicals used for bathroom maintenance. The coating is applied in 10 layers. It is maintained with special cleaning agents that you get from us, which are available for purchase in Serbia, Europe, and so on.

The choice of tones and colors can be at the customer’s request. The tones are available on the page “tone map”. We mastered the concept of creating a watertight wooden tub 10 years ago. Today we have improved that process with the help of current technology and our experience, so we can offer you beautiful hand-made bathtubs.

In our offer, bathtubs can be made according to your dimensions, even shape. All of our bathtubs are freestanding.

As part of wooden bathtubs, we also offer wooden sinks. In addition to all this, we can offer you bathroom furniture such as shelves, cabinets and various other parts.

The materials used are oak, mahogany, meranti, hornbeam, Siberian larch, teak… It is possible to combine several different materials…

Photos: Bathroom furniture

The photos show our projects.

We provide superior service and product, adapted to your requirements and standards.

See the color tone card for the interior and exterior.

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