Restoration of doors and windows

Restore the charm of your space with our wooden door and window restoration service.

Our commitment to authenticity ensures your old or damaged pieces of furniture are restored to their original glory. Whether it’s an antique door with a rich history or windows that bear witness to many memories, we are here to make sure the story continues.


Every piece of furniture has its own story

We are here to bring the life back to your doors and windows! Our service is not just about cleaning or painting – it’s about restoring the spirit of your space. Our team of experts will carefully remove the old layers of paint, smooth the surface, make the necessary repairs and then carefully apply a new layer of paint. The result? Wooden elements that shine brightly again, but also retain the authenticity and vintage character.

What makes us different? Along with the careful work and expertise of our team, we understand the importance of details. Every step in the restoration process is carefully planned and executed, to ensure a quality result that will last for years. Your satisfaction is our greatest prize.

Individual approach to each project

With more than twenty years of professional experience, SENTRA is synonymous with quality, precision and careful selection of materials. Our expert team of craftsmen and designers approaches every project with love, from creating unique doors and windows to exclusive furniture that exudes warmth and luxury.

Quality without compromise

Our business philosophy is quality. We use the highest quality materials and techniques to ensure durability and exceptional resistance to various weather conditions. Regardless of whether it is Burmese teak, acacia, Siberian larch or pine, our elements guarantee durability and exceptional resistance.

A safe choice for the restoration of your furniture

Entrust us with your precious pieces of furniture and we will show you our quality and dedication to details. Our team of experts will ensure that your door and window restoration is carried out with the care and expertise you deserve. Contact us today to begin the restoration process and reclaim the heart of your home.

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