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It produces top quality joinery and luxury furniture. We are proud leaders in the production of wooden and aluminum carpentry, as well as unique wooden furniture, setting standards of quality and elegance for over two decades.

Prozori po meri - Sentra

Windows / Wood – Alu

Discover the windows of your dreams in different variations: wood, aluminum, and their combinations. Our modern windows provide superior craftsmanship and weather resistance. SENTRA windows set new standards in energy efficiency, security and sound insulation, with certificates from ROSENHEIM and export to the European Union. Choose the perfect window frame for your project.

Pivot vrata po meri

Pivot door

Innovative Aesthetics: Pivot Doors that Float. Feel the elegance and functionality with pivot doors that float, transforming your space into a masterpiece of contemporary architecture.

Drvena gazišta

Wooden treads – Stairs

Stairs (treads) are glued from several layers of wood, to prevent unwanted effects. The choice of materials for production can be according to the wishes of the customer. We also make wooden treads for outside, where we use Siberian aris, cedar, teak or thermotreated wood.

Drveni kreveti po meri

Wooden beds

Take advantage of the warmth and elegance of wooden beds to bring a new dimension of comfort to your bedroom! Our unique designs combine the traditional warmth of wooden beds with a clean, modern style, fitting perfectly into even the most sophisticated interiors.

Elementi za enterijer - drveni nameštaj

Furniture for the interior

Our unique offer includes unique pieces of furniture made from the highest quality types of wood – oak, acacia or as you wish. Each piece is carefully designed and made to order, giving you the opportunity to create an interior that reflects your style and personality.


Pergolas are more than simple sun protection. They are a symbol of openness and harmony, creating a space for endless pleasure and peace. Regardless of whether you are on a small terrace or in a spacious garden, our range of bioclimatic, aluminum and wooden pergolas offers a variety of options that will fit into any environment.

Baštenske garniture po meri

Garden furniture

Experienced professional craftsmanship with an emphasis on quality makes our handmade garden sets a premium choice. Each set is carefully crafted with the aim of providing long-lasting comfort and aesthetic appeal to your garden or terrace.

Kupatilski elementi od drveta

Bathroom furniture

Our bathroom program SHOWER CABIN and BATH, as well as bathroom furniture, are made entirely of wood. The manufacturing method involves treating the wood with a process that ensures durability and water resistance.

Letnjikovci po meri

Summer houses

Looking for the perfect place to live in touch with nature all year round? Meet the revolutionary idea – summer houses that turn into refined living spaces.

Drvene ograde po meri

Wooden fences

Wooden fences and panels – the perfect blend of traditional quality and modern design! Our panels and fences, made of the highest quality types of wood such as pine, fir, spruce, Siberian aris, teak or acacia, offer not only functionality but also aesthetic pleasure.

Staklena zimska bašta

Winter garden

Our team of experts is at your disposal during the entire process providing you with support and advice to get the best solution for your space. Invest in a quality winter garden and turn your home into an oasis of comfort and elegance which will provide you with unforgettable experiences all year round.

Montažne drvene kuće

Prefab wooden houses

The production of high-quality wooden houses, adapted to the specific requirements and as desired by customer. Use quality materials such as Siberian larch, Siberian pine, cedar, pine and fir to ensure the durability and aesthetics of the construction. Also, it is important to point out that you use different materials according to the requirements of each individual project.

Ostave garaže po meri

Storerooms – garages

Enhance your garden or yard with our stylish wooden garages, soup-pantries and poolside changing houses. Choose quality, durability and aesthetics for your space.