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Discover the windows of your dreams in different variations: wood, aluminum, and their combinations. Our modern windows provide superior craftsmanship and weather resistance. SENTRA windows set new standards in energy efficiency, security and sound insulation, with certificates from ROSENHEIM and export to the European Union. Choose the perfect window frame for your project.
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The photos show our projects.

The best windows for your home: The perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality

Looking for windows that will enhance your home, bringing elegance and practicality at the same time? Our collection of SENTRA windows offers the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, meeting the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Elegant design and top-quality window production

Our windows are made from high-quality materials, including laminated timber and extruded aluminium, ensuring durability and weather resistance. The final treatment with water-soluble paints and varnishes ensures the durability of the colors and the shine of the windows over the years, with additional protection against UV radiation.

Energy efficiency and soundproofing

“SENTRA” windows set new standards in energy efficiency and sound insulation. Their ability to retain heat during the cold months and to prevent the penetration of noise from the environment makes them an ideal choice for a comfortable and quiet home.

Safety first

Your safety is our first priority. Our windows are equipped with advanced security features that provide protection against unwanted intrusions and provide you with peace of mind.

Variety of design and customization to your needs

Regardless of whether you want classic tilting windows, sliding windows or floor-to-ceiling windows, our collection offers a variety of designs and formats that will fit into your home’s aesthetic. We provide the ability to customize the windows to your specific requirements and preferences.

Certified quality and exporting standards

Our windows have certificates from ROSENHEIM and authorizations for export to the European Union, which guarantees the top quality of our production. The aluminum we use is extruded in Italy on our tools, which further ensures exceptional durability and quality.


Let our “SENTRA” window collection become an indispensable part of your home, bringing elegance, functionality and safety. Indulge in superior quality and choose windows that will make your home a perfect place to live. Conclusion

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Photos: Windows / Wood - Alu

The photos show our projects.

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