Terms of use

01. Introduction

The following text defines the terms of use and cooperation between the agency “Stefan Milentijevic PR” and the users of our services, website visitors and others who want to access or use the website. Please read these Terms of Use very carefully: (“Terms”, “Terms of use”) before using the website  www.sentra.rs (“Services”) managed by “Stefan Milentijevic PR” (“we”, “us” or “our”).

02. Use of services and access to web location

By accessing and using the website www.sentra.rs or by using any of the services we offer, you agree to observe and accept the Terms of use described below. If you do not agree to these Terms and conditions of use, please refrain from using our company’s website or our services.

03. General provisions

These Terms of use are an integral part of the “Stefan Milentijevic PR”, and as such represent a contract between the company “Stefan Milentijevic PR”, registered in the Republic of Serbia with the registration number 64155512 and tax identification number 109413284, and the user of the services, website visitors and all those who wish to access the services provided by the agency “Stefan Milentijevic PR”.

The purpose of this Contract is to regulate the mutual rights and obligations in relation to the use of the company’s website and our services.

04. Confidential information

Stefan Milentijevic PR does not want to receive confidential information through its website, and in order for such information to be classified as confidential, it is necessary to sign a confidentiality agreement in which everything will be clearly defined. “Stefan Milentijevic PR” will provide full support to each person for the protection of their personal rights, privacy rights, property and intellectual property rights.

05. Use of our website and waiver

There is no charge for access to the website, except for your obligation to pay the price of the communication connection (Internet) you use to visit the website. You access the website at your own risk. Our services are intended solely for adult persons. Your access to the website may be disabled, restricted or revoked at any time, if any abuse of the site is observed in any way. We cannot guarantee that the website will be displayed without errors and that the data centre will always ensure its availability. The website content may be changed without notice.

“Stefan Milentijevic PR” shall not be held liable in any way for any inaccuracies or errors in connection with the information and materials that were found and published. Unauthorised use of the website, breach of security and misuse of access data may lead to claims for damages and/or to a criminal offence punishable by applicable law.

06. Copyright and intellectual property rights

No copying and abuse of information and materials found on our website is permitted. You may not reproduce or distribute in any way any of the information downloaded from the website, including but not limited to text, graphics, video, code and/or software, without our prior written consent. If there is a Share button, the content may be shared solely by using such button.

7. Amendments to the Terms of Use and contact

“Stefan Milentijevic PR” may amend the Terms of use at any time without prior notice. Should you have any questions or doubts, feel free to contact us at info@sentra.rs